Worker’s Compensation

Workers’ Compensation Payment Service

Available exclusively for Platinum Payroll clients, our PAYO – ‘PAY AS YOU OWE’ helps you stay on top of workers’ compensation costs and eliminate large, up-front premium deposits and financing fees. It’s the smart way to manage your workers’ compensation insurance.

  • Per-pay-period billings based on actual wages paid – not estimates – helping to improve cash flow
  • Minimized exposure of additional premiums or balloon payments upon audit.
  • Partnerships with highly-rated carriers
  • Easy claim reporting to your carrier

Workers’ Compensation Report Service

Even if you decide not to choose the convenience of integrating your workers’ compensation with Platinum Payroll, we offer reliable reports that use actual wages for each classification code. Available on a quarterly or monthly basis, these reports can help you to:

  • Maintain control over your workers’ compensation costs
  • Take the hassle out of gathering employee information
  • Make it easier to manage your premium payments with your carrier
  • Keep track of the different workers’ compensation codes

Workers Compensation (ERM) Cost Reduction

Platinum assists its clients with discovering overcharges, insurance carrier errors, and classification errors.  Our process consists of a Workers Compensation Review that will:

  • Verify Classification Codes and Experience Modifiers
  • Examine Payroll Audits for possible errors
  • Obtain Refunds of Past Overcharges
  • Correct Experience Mod errors that can affect your bidding and raise your premiums

Not sure why you should do this? Look at these figures:

  • 45% of Employers are overcharged for Workers Compensation insurance
  • 25% is the average overcharge of annual Workers Compensation Premiums

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