How important is reporting to your construction business? Have you failed to collect payments because of incorrect or late submission of reports?

If you have been in the construction industry for any length of time, you know how important it is to have accurate reports and to submit them in a timely manner. Reports can become complex and tracking all aspects of job costing for union, non-union, and prevailing wage workers is just as essential as getting the job done. Also as crucial is the correctness and timeliness of certified payroll reports.

Are you thinking of outsourcing your payroll? Save time, money, and multiple problems by ensuring that your payroll company is knowledgeable, as well as accurate and competent. Gain peace of mind; make sure that construction is the main focus of the company you select.

A payroll service that specifically handles construction will be more beneficial because of their familiarity with practically any needs you may have and any difficulties you may encounter. The reports that you require are already a part of their services and customized reports are easy to create because the basic system is already in place. In addition to certified payroll reports, job costing reports, and specific union reports, EEO Minority reports, Workers’ Compensation reports and others are standard.

A non-specific payroll company will cost you more in the long run. They will be at a loss when it comes to providing those standard and customized reports, dealing with union requirements and various other agencies, tracking labor costs, and handling the day-to-day complexities you have to face.

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