Platinum Payroll

Platinum Payroll was formed to address the distinct payroll, tax and reporting issues faced by contractors in the New York tri-state area. We cater to contractors; in fact, it’s the only industry in which we specialize. While our competitors cross industries, you can rest assured that Platinum Payroll remains exclusive to construction.

With this kind of focus, we’ve been able to build a staff of dedicated professionals who are highly qualified in their field (with CPP and FPC designations). Our experts have a keen understanding of how a construction company runs and the nuances involved with construction payroll, taxes, and reporting. Whether you’re a union contractor who needs robust union reporting, a merit shop contractor working prevailing wage jobs who needs certified payroll and fringe management, or a contractor who just wants to reduce the time spent on payroll and eliminate the responsibility of complex and confusing tax filings, you’re covered.

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